Hey, I'm Kellyann!

I'm so glad you found me!!  This is my page where I get to share all my info on living your FULLEST!  I adore personal excavation and have so much gratitude for the journey I have taken to get where I am today.  I get so excited at the prospect of other women investing in themselves and up leveling their own life.   I love making people laugh, especially using my quick wit but also get serious about exploring body, mind, and soul.  I find it in the cracks of life; adventure, traveling, dance, yoga, relationships, photographing sunsets, and unexpected treasure searching for internal joy. Why be mundane?!  I have discovered that all I really need is the beach and the sun, anytime of the year, to truly ground and fill me up.  So, how did I get here?  I spent many years as an RN in the field of mental health but after sometime, began to feel true wellness could be attained by tuning in and hearing true desires instead of providing a one size fits all solution. 

Many of us feel at a crossroads from knowing what we want, to achieving it or knowing what we need to do, to making it part of our day.  At the root of most  issues is our lack of self love that keeps our life limited and you know, as a woman, it's hard to meet all the needs of your life if you don't put yourself first.  I have experienced that first hand and have developed what it takes to give your best to yourself and live the life you truly desire with complete wellness.  I'm just like you, I struggled for a long time, trying to figure out my life, my journey, what was I going to BE in this world. When I found nursing, I thought I had it ALL figured out!  I love connecting the mind and body together and this would be a great way to answer many burning questions about why do I have this ailment, why I FEEL this way.  I noticed people do want to feel well and it isn't always a choice to feel as bad we do, but sometimes the answer is more than skin deep, or the answer that is provided is in round, simple, one size fits all pill or explanation.  Then, we compare ourselves to others and ask, how does she do it?  How does she feel so good every day??   So, the first step is to stop comparing and look inside to your own heart's desire.  

I had achieved my degree and chosen career and life STILL wasn't working out the way I imagined.  So, when I noticed I didn't have the relationships with others that I wanted in life, I didn't connect or feel as joyful, energetic, or understood as I wanted, I did some excavating.  It wasn't the first time I chose this route, I have a long history of reiki healing (energetic healing) but I paired it with some talk therapy and scoured the books of self-love.  

Learning to love Our Self...

It's not the biggest secret out there, actually, it's everywhere but it's the most overlooked of all secrets to being happy.  It certainly is easier and less courageous to point a finger at the person MAKING you feel so upset, angry, or vulnerable.  But it was like a MIRACLE when I began the practice of self love.  Seriously, I thought I had struck gold. I wanted to share this secret with EVERYONE!  But that's a little weird, you know, not everyone is too interested in how much you love yourself.  That didn't stop me totally, I did share it with some trusted people, but the big thing I did was to began practicing daily gratitude and raise my internal love meter.  The best part of all, I didn't even have to tell anyone, people noticed on their own!  I had comments coming at me like, "you've changed", "you're nicer now" and my personal favorite, "wow, you are different"!!  The best part was how great I felt.  I did feel nicer, I felt more calm, I didn't get fired up so easily and actually noticed myself looking physically better.  Of course, I wasn't super proud of the old me, but I was really proud that I had moved into this new space and I was achieving success.  Learning to love myself included compassion for the old part of me because after all, the adage is true:

"we don't know, what we don't know".  We can only be what we know and when we know more, then we can be more.  That's where I come in.  I want to teach you to BE MORE!  Live and love the life that you create for yourself and say, YES to yourself in all your areas!